Age your wine in oak barrels
Oak aging your red wine in one of our Hungarian oak barrels will greatly enhance its “age” through micro-oxidation, soften out the harsher tannin of a young wine with the smoother tannins of the oak, and overall give a complexity to the wine that you wouldn’t see otherwise. Prefer leaving a wine fruit- forward? Leave it unoaked for a fun yet palatable playful wine.

Oak aging your white wine will enhance its “age” as well, but in a different manner. A lot of the fruit found in your white wine will be replaced with a butteriness, vanilla notes, smoky notes, and richer bolder flavours. Honestly not for everyone in the white wine community, but if you know you like your
whites oak aged, ie some Chardonnays and Sauvignon Blancs especially, you’ll love them from us too.