Ordering Your Wedding Wine

How Much Wine Do We Need to Order for Our Wedding?

The following will assist you in determining how much wine you should consider ordering to accommodate your wedding guests.
Please note that this is just a guideline - you know your guests and their traits better than we do so you may want to adjust your estimates accordingly.

When to Order Your Wine...
  • It is preferable to order your wine at least 5 months in advance of wedding day, but even a year or more would be fantastic.
How much wine to order...
  • Assume 2 glasses per adult...this will take into account those that may not have any wine and those that may enjoy more than 2 glasses of wine.
  • Consider ordering both red and white wines.
  • There are approximately 4 glasses of wine per bottle. View formula
  • A batch of wine will yield, on average, 28 bottles
Now that you know how much wine to order you now need to consider the types of wine to order. Consider those wines that are typically enjoyed by the majority of people.
  • White wines - Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and the White Winemaker’s Trio Blend
  • Red wines - Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and the Red Winemaker’s Trio Blend

Other Considerations

1. To really make your red wine special, consider oak aging it in one of our oak barrels.
2. Wine Bottles: If you are considering to serve the wine at dinner then it would be advisable that you have bottles that are all alike. New bottles are available for purchase at the Wine Bottega. Wine bottles are available in 375 ml. and 750ml sizes.

Customized labels provide the personal touch to a dressed-up bottle not to mention any message that you would like to convey to your guests at this time e.g. "Thank you for helping us celebrate this very special day with us."

If you are considering to give a bottle of wine to your guests as a token of appreciation there are different ways that this can be done. The following are just a few suggestions as we at the Wine Bottega have many more ideas:

Use a bottle of 375ml. to put your wine in.
Consider a message on your label like "Help us celebrate our 1st Wedding Anniversary"
Attach a decorative wine bottle stopper to the neck of the wine bottle

At the Wine Bottega we will gladly sit with you to discuss a special price package based upon all of your wedding wine needs.